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The list of new “designer” dog breeds has reached a startling height of popularity. These new breeds come complete with adorable names such as the Puggle, the Snorkie, the Pineranian, the Shiffon and the Cockinese.

These dogs are becoming more and more popular in today’s dog market. However, none of these is an actual dog breed — they are hybrids or cross-breeds that come with clever names designed to attract buyers.

Snoodles, Labradoodles, Carinoodles, Whoodles … The concept behind the “doodle” breeds is that cross-breeding any breed with a poodle will supposedly produce a dog that has the low-dander (or hypoallergenic) properties of the poodle.

This concept is good in theory, however the truth is that genetics doesn’t work that way. While it is possible for a dog crossed with a poodle to obtain the poodle coat, there is only a 50 per cent chance that the dog will end up with the low-dander properties of the poodle.

hybrids or cross-breedsEven a dog that has the curly hair texture of the poodle may not necessarily inherit the low-dander properties of the coat — it really is a 50-50 draw when you mix two breeds. These breeds have been dubbed “designer dogs” by the media, based on the cutsie names that have presented a sort of fad in today’s market place.

Unlike single breed dogs, the mixing of breeds does result in a lower likelihood o f genetic disorders — due to the larger genetic pool. However, when combining breeds, any com bination of the
characteristics between the two or three dog breeds becomes possible.

This can mean that even within a single litter, temperament and physical traits can vary greatly. Some mixes can result in phenomenal dogs. Animal rescue groups see dogs like these all the time. As a matter of fact, most of the dogs in rescue are hybrids or mixes. Without the benefit of fancy names, the dogs needing rescue are often overlooked for what they are — a complete pool of “designer dogs.” An American company operating via the web called sells more than 1,000 designer dogs a year, at eyepopping prices that range from $799 to $1,200 per pup.

Even here in Brandon, hybrid pups such as the Multipoo and the Puggle are listed in the paper for upwards of $600 per puppy. There are many beautiful mixed breeds available through local animal rescue groups. Funds for Furry Friends Dog Rescue and the Brandon Humane Society have many different options for buyers in search of a trendy unique breed combination.

The price of a dog through these animal rescues is only $150 — and these dogs come already spayed or neutered and vaccinated! Like many items on the market, it seems the stylish name creates the attraction.

Maybe if animal rescue groups labeled some of their dogs with a little more pizzazz, more people would be knocking on our doors looking for one of the many “designer dogs.”

You can call it a Schnauzercross- Yorkshire Terrier or a Snorkie — but at the end of the day, a crossbreed is what you’ve got. If you are considering adopting a designer dog, maybe consider getting
in touch with one of the local animal rescue organizations and adopt one of those fashionable dogs in need of a home.

Dana Grove is an animal lover who works with the Better Dog Network and Humane Society in Brandon as well as with Funds For Furry Friends.

by A PE T ’S BEST FRIEND – Dana Grove

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