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It is troubling that there are so many diseases and problems when it comes to dogs and thier health. Dog owners need to be aware of some very basic fundamentals of health and how they relate to their dogs.

The first and most important thing to implement is a proper diet. Avoid most of the dog food you see at the stores. It is mostly carbs and flavor. Dogs need a high protein diet that consists mostly of meat. It is also wise to get them started on some supplements as well like these daily best vitamins.

It is also essential that your dog gets the exercise that they need. A dog toy like this fido flyer is a great way to play with your dog indoors without worrying about damaging the furniture. If your dog is older and still likes to get up onto your bed or the couch, then you might want to consider getting them a product like this 4 step dog stairs. It is a great way to help with aging joints.

When it comes resting, nothing beats a good nights sleep on a great bed. The same thing holds true for your dog as well. When looking for dog beds, make sure that you get one that is not only comfortable, but that will last for years to come.

You also want to make sure that when you groom your dog, that you use natural ingredients that are made with wholesome ingredients. A product like this shimmering mist is a great way to add some shine to your dogs coat and help repel dirt.

When it comes to rewarding your dog with a treat, avoid giving them stuff that is not good for them. Instead, give them something like these ginger blooms that are made from all natural ingredients. Following these simple tips can help your dog live a longer and healthier life.

Keep Your Dog Warm

Even though Spring is getting close, there is still a month or so of Winter to deal with. In some parts of the country that means still very cold weather. In order to keep your dog warm, there are some easy things you can do.

If your dog is outside most or all of the day, make sure that their dog house is insolated, and that you have some sort of comfy round or flat bed like this nature nap. Remember to keep your dog exercising. It will get the body heat flowing.

A simple fetch toy like this huck toy is a good one because it is water proof, and is easily seen if you play in the snow. You can also invest in a good coat to keep your dog warm like this pink shearling coat to help them keep warm. If your dog is an out doors dog, and your looking at different dog collars to find what’s best, I recomment you go with leather. It is more durable and cleans easy when it gets wet.

A very important tip to remember is to give them fresh water. Snow or really cold water will lower their body temperature. Even thick fur dogs can freeze to death in cold enough climates. If it gets cold enough, you might have to let your dog sleep in your garage where it will be a little bit warmer until it warms up a bit.

Of course none of this applies if you have an indoors dog. Take the Dog Along Keep that Winter Coat.

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